Skiing has been one of the best gifts of my life, it completely changed the direction of my life and I so glad I stumbled upon this.

Many moons ago I was doomscrolling on youtube when I came across this video

Something about this hypnotized me so much that I couldn’t resist wanting to DO whatever it is that these people were doing. It took me a few years to get myself to the logisitcs and the finances to get to a point where I could actually afford to go skiing(Its a priviledged person’s sport and does have a very high barrier to entry for most folks).

As I learnt the sport the first few days I would fall a zillion times in my attempts to learn it. I am almost surprized I didn’t break all my bones in trying to learn skiing(Perhaps its my over cautious brain that stopped me anytime I got too fast so I errored on the side of overprotection).

The learning curve/fun of skiing looks a lot like this

It’s incredibly difficult and challenging at start but as you get the hang of this you will get to a point where the joy of learning overpowers the fear of hurting yourself and the extra mental precaution.

As you get closer and closer to skiing the joy grows on you. There’s something so deeply primitive and freeing about skiing that it fundamentally changes the psych of every avid skier(Love can do that to you).

I have had countless trips, close encounters with death, some life long friends, some short term friends but mostly an incredibly transformation: I am almost at a point in my life where given the circumstantial nature of my goal and commitments I might not be able to ski for a couple of years(but who knows). I know deep down the love I feel for it remains strong and the heroes I found in this community will direct the course of my life no matter where I go.

One of my favorite backcountry skiing trips
And yes I also do snowboarding(coz why not!!)

I honestly don’t know if and when I get back to snowboarding/skiing, maybe it’s this year maybe the next one(who really knows) but I do know the impact it had on me and how I approach and learn anything that challenges me whether its surfing, hiking or just about anything challenging.

In my journey as a skier and snowboarder, I’ve discovered a passion for outdoor sports. There are a few more activities I’m eager to learn:

  1. Ski Skooting: This is a fun and exciting variation of skiing that I can’t wait to try.
  2. Surfing: The waves are calling, and I must go. Surfing is next on my list.
  3. Kite Surfing: Combining the thrill of surfing with the power of the wind, kite surfing promises to be an exhilarating experience.
Don't they all look really cool

My favourite ski quotes is from a video from Chris bencetler where he says

There is a limit to how many flips and turns you can do in the air, but beauty and skill are boundless

If you ever want a decent skier to take you out on a lesson hit me up(You can see my socials in the about page).