This blog post is a summary of the tooling that I have demoed at my talk on “Flipping the script: How open source AI is changing the game”.

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  1. Hugging Face
  3. Sourcegraph

Demo 1

This demo was about the Moondream model, a cool vision-to-text model. You can find it on this Github repo. All the steps to replicate are present in the readme.

Demo 2

This demo was about a combination of Llava model and Mixtral model to do image->text->text->system command using Ollama and some scripting. You can find the steps and the code for this in this Github repo.

Demo 3

This demo is from Sourcegraph Cody. You can try the product for free and if you like the product you can get a pro/enterprise license depending on your needs. If you face any issues or have any questions, feel free to email me at

Sourcegraph Cody

You can also find all my socials on my website here.

Thank you for attending my talk!