Altough I have travelled a fair bit, Brazil is one of my favourite places on the planet. I can’t love it enough, I felt so at home there. The warmth and the love I felt was so profound that all my angst melted and it gave me a new perspective on life.

It’s perhaps now out of bounds for me to say that Brazil literally changed my life for the better and gave me a new outlook on life. As soon as I got there I was bombarded by beautiful things in every direction

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These are some of the architectural gems that came along my way. It's rather difficult to tell if it's portugese or native or some odd concoctenation of both.
And here's my favourite photo from Brazil from the city of Recife, that was the main purpose of my visit to brazil. Such a lovely and inviting city with some very welcoming hosts. Someday for sure I will go back there.
These are some cool photos of hiking and fun physical activities that I did. It was fun to learn these things.

The fundamental question of my brazil trip was why do I have to live a certain way? I suppose there are no rules and there is no right answer to live but if you feel that your day to day humdrum existence feels a bit hollowed out wouldn’t it make sense to change things for yourself.

It’s quite painful to be self aware enough to make the harsh changes needed to uproot most of your existence and it’s habits to create a new life from first principles but often times its worth it.

The short term pain is absolutely worth the long term fulfillment.