I have always been a huge fan of art in all its forms, whether contemporary/ancient/modern or just about a random tiktoker with a beautiful outlook on life. The only thing I truly despise is the post modern stuff(Seems too glim, despondent and cynical).

Let’s start with Graffiti

Graffitis have always been inspiring to me because they are a method of using art as a force of resistance, it's quite in the face and irreverant.

When graffitis are good then they add so much to the vibe of a city, its almost as if the architecture has a soul that is speaking to you. I have seen a lot of great social commentary through grafiiti about things that can’t be said by people in person coz we usually tend to be so afraid of the societal rebuttal.

My favourite Skater graffiti

This one has to be my favourite one ever, I like the myriad of colors and the complete irreverance of a skater under a bridge. The skater community has a ton of really incredible people who never cared about anything but the love of Skating and the joy. The thousands of hours spent in the park to get good at this extremely challenging sport gives you so much grit, wisdom and most of all the fun of living.

This reminds me of one of my favourite movies of all time(Concrete circus).

Check it out if you wanna see the perfect mix of art, dance, skating and urban freeride biking.


I also really love paintings I have 100s of them on my phone but let’s just share my favourite ones

Both of these are from Guatemala(One of my favourite places to live)

I have very many thoughts on how Art is very important for a functioning society and perhaps our only battle tool against the raging cyniscm that plagues contemporary culture but in the interest of time I will keep them in my head for now.